About Us

Civil engineering is the foundation our society is built upon. Since 1992, Burton has been partnering with industry professionals to shape the industrial and commercial space throughout the Carolinas through feasible, cost effective, and sustainable designs. Over the years, Burton’s footprint has covered a range of markets: industrial, office, retail, residential, education, and healthcare. After being in business for over 25 years, we understand the landscape of our region and the value of the partnerships we’ve built.

As our region continues to grow, the need for thoughtful design is imperative. We tailor our services to our clients’ needs by ensuring the utmost quality while satisfying the requirements of state and municipal regulatory agencies. We maximize our clients’ interests and investments by understanding the life cycle of design from conception through construction. Here at Burton, we understand the goal is bigger than a set of plans.

From start to finish, we keep your project moving forward. We understand that every site is different, and every project has specific opportunities and challenges. We’re dedicated to finding unique solutions and creating valuable opportunities for our clients. Our work, our team, and our clients inspire our process and are the pinnacle of our success.

How can we help?

Our integrated team of civil engineers, land surveyors and landscape architects are ready to help!