Project Description



An office campus designed and constructed in two phases. The first phase included a three-story 104,000 sq.ft. building and ±500 parking spaces with a large courtyard, hardscape, seatwalls, enhanced plantings and a café. The second phase will include a 95,000 sq. ft. building, double the parking, add an outdoor fitness area and enhance the courtyard with additional hardscape, seatwalls and plantings. The stormwater management basin from Phase 1 was converted to a permanent water quality pond for both phases.The 330,000 sq.ft. distribution facility was constructed on a 59-acre site with 781 parking spaces between car and trailer parking. In the design and layout of this facility on a site with over 35 feet of grade change, 300,000 cy. of earthwork was balanced. Roadway improvements were made to the local and state roads connected with the project site, and a stream crossing was designed for access to the site. Class 2 streams running along the north and south property lines were protected by buffers and culverts and three separately designed wet detention ponds. To meet an aggressive schedule, we partnered with state and local municipalities to expedite the permitting process.

LOCATION 8024 Calvin Hall Rd
Indian Land, SC 29707
CLIENT The Keith Corporation
CONTRACTOR Choate Construction